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charlotte uav is a service disabled veteran owned small bussiness drone company

Charlotte UAV specializes in comprehensive aerial data collection, remote inspection, drone photography, and drone videography. We offer tailored mapping services for industries including engineering, construction, energy, security, public safety, real estate, and the public sectors. Our state-of-the-art UAV equipment ensures precise and efficient data collection, positioning us as leaders in aerial imaging and inspection services

From inception to completion, Charlotte UAV handles your entire project, streamlining the process of utilizing best-in-class UAV technology. We alleviate the complexities of in-house programs, eliminating the need for equipment purchase, pilot training, licensing, insurance, and maintenance. Partner with us to leverage the advantages of advanced drone technology without the associated costs and challenges, enhancing your organization’s efficiency and insights

Areas of Expertise

Building Inspections:

  • IR Thermal Moisture Survey
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Facade Inspection
  • Indoor Confined Space Inspection

Archaeological Surveys:

  • Site Mapping
  • 3D Modeling of Archaeological Sites

Marine Studies:

  • Coastal Erosion Studies
  • Marine Life Monitoring
  • Coral Reef Assessments

Urban Planning and Infrastructure Analysis:

  • Traffic Pattern Analysis
  • Urban Heat Island Effect Studies

Forestry Services:

  • Forest Health Assessments
  • Wildfire Monitoring and Prediction

Disaster Response and Mitigation:

  • Flood Prediction and Monitoring
  • Post-disaster Damage Assessments

Public Sector Partnerships

Charlotte UAV is always exploring new opportunities to help public sector innovate their operations. We are interested in hearing from Federal, State, and Local Governments agencies, as well as Prime Contractors.

  If you have a RFP bid request or prime subcontracting opportunity you’d like us to review, please contact us at 704-891-3549 or email info@charlotteuav.com.

an illustration of our uav photogrammetry service deliverables such as 2d maps, 3d modeling, volumetric calculations, and thermal imaging

Charlotte UAV Service Benefits

Mitigate Risk

Researchers have concluded that the use of drones improves worker safety for routine inspections ranging from remote areas to dense cities to surveying damage to energy networks after natural disasters.

Faster Results

Countless studies have shown that drones capture data more quickly and accurately than traditional inspection methods, delivering higher quality data in the process.

Reduce Costs

Drones can help reduce the expense of carrying out inspections, especially in the case of hard to reach equipment, power lines, gas lines, rail roads, and highways. It is estimated that drones can cut aerial inspection costs by up to 50%.

Charlotte UAV is your trusted partner, proudly serving both the commercial industry and public sectors as a CVE verified SDVOSB. We boast a diverse fleet of specialized drones, unmanned autonomous vehicles, and advanced remote sensing technology. Our mission is to deliver precision services encompassing mapping, surveying, photography, and inspections, even in the most challenging and hazardous environments, whether on land, in the air, or at sea. While headquartered in Charlotte, our extensive pilot network allows us to extend our top-notch services across the entire United States.

Charlotte UAV Services


The Plan


Send us an email or call with detailed information on your area of interest and a detailed scope of work that needs to be done, when the work needs to be completed, and the file extensions required for your data (or the software you will be utilizing to access the information).

Our in-depth experience allows us to customize solutions, based on business need; from the hardware design and configuration to automated collection, analysis, and robust reporting. Once we develop the best approach for the project, we will coordinate a time to perform the service.



After we develop a strategy and confirm your project details & requirements, we deploy an FAA-Certified Drone Pilot to your location to collect the data. Charlotte UAV is based in Charlotte, NC, however our nationwide pilot network allows us to perform most services requests in 5-10 business days (emergency service and public safety requests are available within 1-4 hours in most areas)


Our turnkey inspections services will be supplemented by a post-flight inspection report. Charlotte UAV will employ a 3rd party inspector if/when a certified report is required.


Our services are typically delivered as a digital file after a flight and post-processing. When a digital deliverable is the requested item, we will deliver the information in your specified file type identified during the planning stage.

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If you have a question about one of our services, need a consultation, or expert advise, we are here for you. Please feel free to call, email, or use the form to the right.



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*In North Carolina, Charlotte UAV does not offer or provide services that may constitute the practice of land surveying requiring a professional license, including photogrammetry, LiDAR, 3D modeling, and ortho imagery.