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Charlotte UAV is a fully integrated drone company that provides industrial-grade software
and hardware solutions for drone-based applications. Charlotte UAV provides consulting
services related to innovative information systems that integrate drone operations with
business management processes, enhancing higher levels of efficiency for our customers.
Charlotte UAV’s in-depth experience allows us to customize solutions, based on business
need; from hardware design and configuration to automated collection, analysis, and robust


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Charlotte UAV is veteran owned and possesses 11 years of US Military aircraft experience and 10 years of unmanned technology with an emphasis in industrial data collection solutions. The Charlotte UAV team is comprised of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) degree holders and certified FAA remote pilots, along with business experts who ensure all-encompassing success for each project. Charlotte UAV has been awarded a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Section 333 Exemption as well as a Certificate of Authorization (COA) for commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations throughout the United States. Charlotte UAV was also recently awarded a multi-state contract for Unmanned Aerial Services by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  To learn more about our most expansive contract to date, click here.


Charlotte UAV delivers automated site monitoring with drone based, end to end data
scanning, capture, access, and data analytics. Charlotte UAV’s customized hardware and
precise software analysis solves our customers’ problems and meets their information
needs in a faster, less expensive and highly detailed manner. Charlotte UAV not only
provide precise analysis but also deliver safer results by removing the human involvement
in often difficult data gathering requirements. Charlotte UAV is a fully integrated
drone company that provides industrial-grade software and hardware solutions for
inspections based on unmanned vehicles, including Unmanned Ground Vehicles.

Services We Provide

Charlotte UAV offers LiDAR and Photogrammetry Imaging Services, allowing organizations to rapidly survey large areas of land and infrastructure projects without having to procure their own UAV fleet, ensuring the top technology and sensors available while saving them the cost of upkeep, staffed pilots, and maintenance. To learn more about these services, click here.

Drones have revolutionized how inspections on performed. Not only can Charlotte UAV help save your organization the cost of purchasing a fleet of drones that require constant upkeep and are rapidly changing, our services can increase precision, get you faster results, and most importantly, greatly reduce the safety risks typically taken by your team. Learn more about our inspection services here.

From seafloor mapping to habitat restoration, Charlotte UAV has the sonar equipment and unmanned vehicles necessary for you to receive the best hydrographic data. Learn more here.

Empower your business, organization, or project with stunning aerial drone photography and videography to include full aerial cinematography production capabilities. Click here to find out more.

If you want it done right, this is the place!! Very satisfied.

- William A. Douglas

Very exciting company with some really knowledgeable employees. Looking forward to working with them again sometime soon.

-Stephen Kehoe

Great folks, knowledgeable.

Howard T. Perry

Brett and Matt are top notch.

Sin O. Byte


  • UAV / Aircraft Liability Insurance: $5M Per Occurrence (Includes War, Allied Perils & Premises Liability)
  • Professional Liability Insurance: $1M Per Occurrence
  • General Liability Insurance: $1M Per Occurrence / $2M Aggregate (Includes Commercial Hired & Non-Owned Auto Coverage: $1M CSL | Commercial Umbrella: $1M Per Occurrence / $1M Aggregate | Workers Compensation / Employers Liability: $1M / $1M / $1M)
  • Your organization can be named additionally at no extra charge upon request.