Charlotte UAV Aerial Videography & Marketing Services

Our aerial videography services can empower your business, organization, or project with stunning aerial drone photography and videography to include full cinematography production capabilities.  Our experienced operators capture stunning video footage by combining our fleet of best-in-class autonomous vehicles with our wide selection of production grade HD cameras.

Charlotte UAV Aerial Videography Advantage

Cinema Grade UAVs

State of the art Cinematography UAVs outfitted with professional film technology provide the highest quality imagery from the perfect vantage point.

Cinematographer on Staff

On-staff, professional cinematographer, allowing us to handle all aspects of your project, from start to finish.

In-House Post Prodution

Charlotte UAV is able to expertly post-produce commercial grade movies, commercials, real-estate videos, and more.

Aerial Cinematography

Charlotte UAV maintains a fleet of cinema-grade UAV’s, gimbals, and cameras. We also employ, on-staff, a professional cinematographer that can script, film, and post-produce commercial grade movies, commercials, real-estate videos, and more.

Services included can be video collection only or video collection + post production. We shoot in 4K Video and 1080p with all industry-standard digital file formats available.

Our UAV-control software allows us to shoot in a number of different intelligent modes including time-lapse, orbit on point-of-interest, follow-me, item tracking, and more.

We have drones for shooting indoor footage as well.


drone videography service team preparing for a cinematography shoot

Marketing, Advertising, Special Events


Charlotte UAV offers an incredibly affordable new point of view. No longer does cost confine the perspective you can present. Drones offer amazing images and video to compliment any advertising/social media marketing or promotional campaign.

Charlotte UAV services, a potential client looking through this new lens will be shocked to find that your business or project is VERY professionally represented with stunning visual content. We offers these commercial Drone Services related to aerial photography and multimedia-services:

Charlotte UAV offers Marketing, Advertising, Special Events for:

-Video & Images for TV, Social Media, Websites and Advertising

-Cinematography and Film

-Sales of Boats, Cars and other Vehicles

-Virtual Tours for Golf Courses, Hotels, Resorts, Lodge, Parks, Marinas

-Land Development Media

-Events & Activities Marketing / Weddings

-Promotional Aerial Imagery for Tourism and City/Regional Promotional

Charlotte UAV offers Post Production Editing that Includes:

4K Video, Complete Video Editing, Music, Narration, Professional Voice Over,

Sound Adjustment, Title Creation & Integration, Color Correction, encoding of

final output for DVD, BLUE- RAY, WEB, ETC, and uploading to YouTube,


aerial cinematography shoot of nascar vehicle performed by charlotte nc uav
*In North Carolina, Charlotte UAV does not offer or provide services that may constitute the practice of land surveying requiring a professional license, including photogrammetry, LiDAR, 3D modeling, and ortho imagery.