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Charlotte UAV Hydrographic Scanning Services

Charlotte UAV’s hydrographic scanning services support a variety of activities such as port and harbor maintenance (dredging), coastal engineering (beach erosion and replenishment studies), coastal zone management, and offshore resource development.

Charlotte UAV Hydrographic Scanning Services

multibeam laser data example

Multibeam-Laser Data Together

multibeam laser data example

Boat Uses Multibeam And Laser

an image of a hydrographic boat with scanning equipment and an underwater scan by a pier

Seafloor Mapping Using Multibeam Sonar

an example of charlotte uavs seafloor scanning capabilites

Instead of sending a single beam of sound down to the seafloor, multibeam sends many individual beams to the seafloor at an angle perpendicular to the direction of survey boat.

another example of of an north carolina based scan by charlotte uav

With multibeam sonar you are seeing an image that is related to depth. Side scan is an image alone. No depths related to the image. Only depth you know is the Nadir depth.

Data Collection of Multibeam Sonar Using Autonomous Vessel

multibeam autonomous vessel and data collected

Seafloor Mapping Using Side Scan Sonar

Side Scan Sonar images of the seafloor quality depends on resolution and how close you get the sonar to the seafloor.

small hull mounted side scan radar scan results

Detailed Structure Using Side Scan Sonar

The line indicates the range from the Sonar to the seafloor, with towed systems.
It’s critical to watch that the sonar doesn’t hit the seafloor.

an example of a sonar scan with a towed system

Seafloor Mapping Sediment Thickness Using Dual Frequency Single Beam Sonar

dual frequency sonar used to determine the thickness of sediment on the seafloor

Mapping Shallow Areas With Single Beam 200 khz, 450 khz Sonar

when scanning shallow areas, charlotte uav's single beam 200 khz, 450 khz sonar is perfect

Mobile | Easy to use | Simple to deploy | Faster | Repeatable Results | RTK GPS accuracy

Water Quality Data Collection

autonomous vehicle used for water quality data collection

Water Quality Monitoring Data Example

readings example from a water quality inspection

Water Quality Mapping

an example of our water quality scanning results

Data Collection of Multibeam Sonar Using Autonomous Vessel

Data Collection of Multibeam Sonar Using Autonomous Vessel

an example of our water quality scanning results

Charlotte UAV Remote Inspections